We are dedicated to the fascination of new endeavors that contribute to the world we live in, to ideas that should become real and independently growing.

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A project is supposed to generate values. Utilizing the efficiency of existing projects seems natural as well as the distribution of beneficial side effects back to them. Such cross-linking enhances the performance of the own project or makes it generate additional values.  Key to that is the embedding of the project into a complex environment.

> cvdi - fábrica são pedro

> hpvp - hasso plattner ventrues, potsdam

> eoff - elastic offices

> tbhh - penthouse implants

> rclt - recycleit


> cvdd - campovida community management system

> tswm - expanding horizons

> esrg - office development, dreilinden


> lcrm - le corbusier remastered

> zgwk - ziegelwerk b, urbanization, bernau