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A project is supposed to generate values. Utilizing the efficiency of existing projects seems natural as well as the distribution of beneficial side effects back to them. Such cross-linking enhances the performance of the own project or makes it generate additional values.  Key to that is the embedding of the project into a complex environment.

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cvdi fábrica são pedro

Itu, São Paulo, and the surrounding region belong to the most developed areas in Brazil. Along with the positive aspects of this development, there are things being neglected. This project aims for an improvement for all of the stakeholders. 

The “fábrica São Pedro” project focuses on the numerous groups of the growing middle class, including those who have a lower income. The proposed concept provides its’ benefits to those two thirds of the Brazilian society that most appreciate being healthy and having a healthy family. 

A compilation of service providers, complementing each other, is invited to run it’s businesses and become a partner at “fábrica São Pedro”. The selection follows the three pillars of health defined by the World Health Organisation: physical, mental and so- cial. Supplying those three aspects allows sustainable results in health maintenance.

A unique economical model of sharing benefits and responsibilities between initiators and partners, as well as between the part- ners, will be implemented in order to guarantee the high quality of the services. 


The “São Pedro” factory was built 1910-1911 at the border of the city of Itu, being a part of the local industrialization era. The factory was run successfully until the 80’s and became later on, declared by the municipality, a historical heritage.



The Skilled Environment

“fábrica São Pedro” assembled a list of services to provide in one place, coordinated by a holistic health concept, structured into topics:

I. physical well-being oriented services

II. mental well-being oriented services

III. social well-being oriented services

Attended Residential Area

The operation of the attended residential area is separate to the skilled environment, but yet connected and supplied by all the services provided there.

Stakeholders Re-distribution

The “fábrica São Pedro” project offers to invest by purchasing INITIATOR shares. A unique collaboration concept includes the regulation of re-distributing a part of the operational income to the operating partners ensuring the PARTNERS commitment to the project’s success.

Anyone who is interested in launching his own business in the “fábrica São Pedro” can rent an appropriate area. Additionally, the project offers the opportunity to become co-owner of the project and share the common success. This way one becomes a partner of the project