We are dedicated to the fascination of new endeavors that contribute to the world we live in, to ideas that should become real and independently growing.

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As far as each project is unique, all the particular tasks will differ as well, but in a way they are regarding to recognisable generic topics. Despite the intentions and desires of the individuals involved, there are typical issues to be considered, which occur in almost every project.

> potentials and/or intentions

> goals and milestones

> stakeholders and operation

> team and development process

> iteration

goals and milestones

The path is said to be the goal, but even if - there is no path without a goal. Once we know where we are heading to, there is a direction given, a path to walk along. Each step achieves a new milestone. 

Defining the milestones has two purposes: one to assess the most viable path toward the desired result, and the other to secure points for re-assessment.