We are dedicated to the fascination of new endeavors that contribute to the world we live in, to ideas that should become real and independently growing.

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As far as each project is unique, all the particular tasks will differ as well, but in a way they are regarding to recognisable generic topics. Despite the intentions and desires of the individuals involved, there are typical issues to be considered, which occur in almost every project.

> potentials and/or intentions

> goals and milestones

> stakeholders and operation

> team and development process

> iteration

potentials and/or intentions

The intention, as the first instinctive reaction to an opportunity is in most of the cases the right one. Nevertheless, the efficiency of seizing this opportunity needs to be proved. Such a closer observation may reveal other complementing aspects, too. More certainty over the efforts demanded is also indispensable. It's about seeing and understanding the perhaps unexpected.

This is the probably most creative task - extracting the essential facts, out of a bulk of collected information. This very much about recognition of the trend of development, and even more - understanding the forces behind.