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A planning toward sustainability demands profound analysis in order to generate precise forecasts. Nevertheless, such forecasts will remain unsharp if far-reaching into the future. Therefore it’s appropriate integrate into the design space for steerable evolution processes. This may regard the process of development, as well as the operation model.

> zgwk - ziegelwerk b, urbanization, bernau

> lcrm - le corbusier remastered

> bgep - orthodox community, berlin

> gstk - town houses, glienicke

> esrg - office development, dreilinden

> sfmu - opera italiana pro oriente

> rlnx - resortleben


> tswm - expanding horizons

> cvdd - campovida community management system

> esrg - office development, dreilinden


> cvdi - fábrica são pedro

> eoff - elastic offices

> rclt - reycleit

esrg office development, dreilinden

The project being developmed consists of three buildings in the centre of the property, which surrounds a green leisure area and the Wannsee Lake. The campus, with a total of area of approximately 23.500 square meters, provides flexible arrangements for working space on each of the buildings' seven floors.



The proximity to established and newly founded businesses, which already have their offices in EUROPARC Dreilinden, provides  many  possibilities  for  synergies.  The  same  is  true for  research  centers  located  within  reach:  the  HPI  in Potsdam,  the research facilities of the Free University of Berlin (FU) and the Technical University of Berlin (TU), as well as the Fraunhofer-Institute. Work-Life-Balance

HAUS II is the first to go up at EUROPARC.BVS with  approx. 6.900 sq.m. of office space and a cafeteria on the ground floor. This building will be setting the standards for the entire campus.